What we do

iReport is an integrated approach to the business communications geared around your investor relations calendar.

Our combined suite of services covers all aspects of your event to make for a more effective meeting, results announcement, roadshow or earnings call.

Our creative team work closely with you to help realise your strategy, scripting, presentation design, documentation, event planning, venue logistics and webcasting.

On the day our experienced technical team seamlessly manage all staging and technical aspects of your meeting and other events.

iReport is your one-stop shop for all your communication and technical needs. As a single point of contact, our job is to make your life easier and help you communicate most effectively and efficiently.


We all constantly need to re-examine how we communicate. Let’s take time to consider all our channels and messages.
Check our voice and tone. Be simple, but not simplistic. And let’s be transparent, honest, forthright, clear and plain spoken.

If you feel that everyone who connects with your business deserves conversations like this, then let’s talk.

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