Annual General Meetings

With over 250 AGMs Produced, Directed and Webcast over a 20 year period, you can be sure that your meetings are in safe, experienced hands. We understand that an AGM has multifaceted aspects, all of which need to be managed for a successful meeting. From planning and logistics, to venue selection. Messaging, scriptwriting, presentation design, staging and technical challenges. branding and product displays, registry needs and webcasting … we work with all of your team and third party suppliers to ensure that your meeting occurs smoothly and is always in total control. We also recognise that this is not a gala event and at all times remain aware that the meeting needs to reflect a professional, yet restrained image to shareholders.

Results Releases

Your half and full year results are a critical IR event. Our all-inclusive service ensures that your presentation design and layout is optimised to the medium of a webcast and that your ASX releases are properly formatted and protected. We host your conference call/webcast and provide an experienced overview both technically and as an outside perspective on your messaging and tone.

Global Roadshows

A common challenge faced throughout the IR calendar are the global roadshows undertaken by your CEO. Whether communicating the latest results announcement, capital raising or other major strategic initiative, these tours are always high stakes with millions or billions of shareholder value at stake. We have a long history of preparing and managing these critical events. Specific services include presentation development, coaching and rehearsal, documentation advice, iPad and Android tablet design as well as technology  and staging advice.


iReport have helped raise over $50m of seed and further round funding for startups in Australia and overseas. We have an excellent understanding of how to help startups get their story into a form that will resonate with the sophisticated private investor and broker market. We also use our extensive network to help connect fledgling startups with the best fit for investment capital.

Capital Raisings

We have a 20 year track record in helping both listed and private firms with their capital management initiatives.
From multi-billion dollar ASX listed raises and IPOs .. to smaller raises in the Australian and US private equity markets, we have collaborated with a variety of locally and New York based firms to help tell their investment story and raise the required capital.

Annual Reports / Shareholders Reviews

From our very beginnings of interactive design with cd-rom in the 90s, right through to today’s medium of desktop and mobile devices, our solutions provide you with cost savings, higher levels of stakeholder engagement and more control over your annual report. Our unique production process delivers your shareholder review in print, on desktop and on iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Investor Days

Alongside mandated annual meetings, many companies are now taking advantage of a standalone Investor Day where the business can outline it’s direction, absent the formal constraints of an AGM. This inclusive initiative allows for a more relaxed environment and more time for the company to round out the background to its various initiatives.

Much like an annual meeting there are aspects of planning, staging, displays, webcasting, presentation design, rehearsal and coaching that can be of great benefit to your business in putting your best foot forward. The quality of your communication at all of these events is critical so we work with you to ensure this occurs. Our 20 years of major events experience also ensure that no matter how complex the technical aspects of your event, it simply works.

Private Equity

iReport are specialists at helping privately owned business tell their story in their pre-IPO phase. Working with you we design and produce high quality communication material that you can use to tell your story … presentation design, company fact sheets, interactive brochures and website design. The same focus in the PE sector helps us with listed microcap stocks. Small listed businesses often have challenges more aligned to private firms than larger listed entities. Although the challenges and issues may be different, the goal is still the same … we help you tell your story.

Initial Public Offerings

There is unavoidably a huge amount of focus on a business for its IPO. Along with the increased focus comes a proportionate amount of pressure and stress on the internal team and the various external advisors to get the offering right. Our role in this process is to work with all elements of your team to develop the most compelling, clear and persuasive rendering of your business model to ensure your audience understands the unique value proposition of the opportunity your issue represents.

Over a 20 year period we’ve had the pleasure to work on a number of IPOs featuring both local and international roadshows to sell the float. Deal sizes have ranged from relatively small issues of ~$100m and less .. to multi-billion dollar IPOs on both the ASX and overseas boards.

Our services encompass branding, presentation and document design and production, strategy and focus on story development, presentation team coaching, consulting and supply of technology and provision of staging and technical services.