Presentation Development

Presentation design is at the core of iReport’s DNA. Unfortunately to this day well designed presentations remain the exception, not the rule. In spite of the world’s leading presentation designers like Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds proving that ‘less is more’. 99% of corporate presentations seem to have mistakenly heard that ‘more is more’.

It’s very easy to create complex, cluttered, unpersuasive presentations, you just sit down and bang them out. But it is more difficult to sift through the data dump, extract only the elements you need and then design them into a succinct, compelling story.

Apart from being trained presentation designers it can also be very helpful to have an audience-centric outside perspective on the story you are trying to tell. We excel at taking your script and brief and synthesising that into clear, compelling visual assets … into a story.

This is about much more than than producing a better designed presentation; it’s about creating a much more effective message.

Formats change, but sound principles do not. Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi, animation and video are all tools we might use to help tell your story.

Or perhaps it’s a high quality digitally printed brochure for one-on-one meetings or an interactive for your tablet on either iPad or Android

We’re not constrained by any particular technology, so our solutions are free to be the right ones that you need to best tell your story.

When you consider what’s at stake with your next major presentation, can you afford not to give yourself every chance?

Event Direction

Corporate events run the gamut from simple to extremely complex .. and we’ve worked for many years on both and everything in between.

When it comes to large scale events or high stakes events, you have enough on your plate already. We want you and your team to relax knowing we have got your back and will ensure a smooth running show, so you can focus on delivering the succesful event you planned.

It might be an AGM for hundreds of shareholders at a CBD venue , a conference call with 40 analysts out of your boardroom, a retreat and strategy session for a few dozen key staff or a major conference interstate.

Our extremely experienced team has been responsible for planning and staging some of the biggest events in Australia and Asia.

As independent AV experts who have worked in the industry for many years we know all the venues, the pitfalls, the risks, the newest technologies and the best way to set up and run your event for maximum impact and minimum fuss.

Call us today to talk about your IR event calendar.


Timely access to company information for all stakeholders has driven webcasting to be a must-have for listed Australian companies.

iReport delivers a powerful solution that is simple for your viewers to use. Streams are provided both Live and On-Demand with synchronised slides, audio and video and your event includes custom designed pages which feature your brand and corporate identity.

Unlike other systems, iReport streams are viewable on Windows and Mac desktop computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Best of all, our new system does not require you to supply slides hours prior to the event. Our solution captures everything live at your event. No external control room or pre-event upload of slides is required so even the latest of urgent changes can be simply accommodated with no fuss.

With our staging crew already working on your event, not only do you get the same high quality webcast solution, you also get the economies of using one crew, one integrated team.

Call us now to discuss solutions for your next annual meeting, analyst briefing, results release or conference.

Annual Reports

The preparation of the company’s annual report is often looked upon with dread by many responsible for its ultimate release to shareholders, but it need not be the case.

Over 90% of shareholders now prefer to receive their annual report electronically which provides a huge opportunity for business to completely revamp their idea of what the annual report could and should look like. Unfortunately for the vast majority of ASX listed businesses it is a huge opportunity lost.

So when 90% of shareholders want an annual report optimised for on-screen reading, why are most still designing an A4 portrait print document first, then providing that as a wholly unsatisfactory experience when read on a computer or tablet ?

Why do most annual reports in our digital age appear more like a ‘better horse drawn buggy’ than embrace the opportunity to completely re-invent both the process and the result?

We created our first interactive annual report way back in 1999 and while technologies will always evolve over time, the fundamentals of effective design have not. Your iReport will work seamlessly across all platforms with no special software or installation required.

iReport has developed a unique process that allows you to deliver a compelling, cost effective annual report across all mediums of computer screen, tablets, smartphones and print. Talk to us today about how we add substantial value to your next annual report.


Entrepreneur and presentation maven Guy Kawasaki maintains it takes at least eight rehearsals before you are ready to let it loose in the real world. How many full, effective rehearsals did you do for your last major presentation?

Our coaching team have helped prepare hundreds of clients to best deliver their presentations for a wide variety of crucial events.

We’ve worked with clients in a variety of high stakes environments such as annual meetings, formal tender response presentations, IPO roadshows, political campaigns and media training.

Working closely with our coaching team are of course the rest of the iReport team such as presentation design, supporting documentation as well as staging and technical services.